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Organic Tampons

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Looking for a more sustainable option when it comes to your period? Look no further than our organic tampons! Made of 100% organic cotton, these tampons are gentle on your body and the environment. Plus, our pocket-sized applicator makes them easy to take on the go. And for those who want an even more eco-friendly option, our BPA free bio-based plastic applicator is recyclable. So why wait? Switch to organic tampons today! 


      -100% GOTS Certified and OCS Certified Organic Cotton Core and String, tested for sensitivity.

      -No Chlorine Bleach, No Dyes, No Fragrance

      -Polyethylene, polyester, fiber finish Security veil (holds tampon together).

      -A paraffin emulsion (sevophob) for a water repellant string.

      -Cotton made in Turkey, Tampon Made in Europe

      -BPA free bio-based applicator tube made from sugar cane.

      -Recyclable wrapper material made of polyethylene.

      Tampon Details

      Compact Applicator, Pocket-size

      BPA free bio-based plastic applicator

      Tested for sensitivity

      • Personalize your period!

      • Choose when you want them.

      • Delivered right to your door!

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      Tampon FAQ's

      Tampon Sizing?

      The Regular: holds 6-9 g of liquid

      The Super: holds 9-12 g of liquid

      How to put a tampon in?

      Visit our page on how to insert a tampon.

      What size tampon should I use?

      It's all about your flow! If you have a heavier period flow then opt to use a Super. If you have a lighter flow we suggest starting with Regulars.

      Can you flush tampons?

      Most people flush used tampons, however tampons can cause plumbing blockages that can lead to sewage back flow. Carefully read the instructions in the restroom stalls. When in doubt wrap the used tampon in a paper towel and throw it in the waste basket.

      How many hours can I wear a tampon?

      You can wear a tampon for up to 8 hours. It is recommended to make sure you are wearing the correct size tampon to be able to change it every 8 hours. 

      Can I sleep with a tampon in?

      Yes! As long as you change your tampon out every 8 hours you can sleep with one in. We recommend you wear a pad or panty liner at night just in case of leakage OR go up in tampon size.

      What does organic cotton 'core' mean?

      The tampon itself is separated into two different parts: the core, which is the main part of the tampon, and the string. Both of which are 100% organic cotton.

      Your Period. Her Freedom.

      Each subscription supports feminine hygiene training and female entrepreneurship for Nepali women and girls who are vulnerable to trafficking.

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