In the beginning...

Our founder, Macy Maxson, dreamed of a day when women's health actually supported women. From clean period products to technology that supports cycles to healthcare that heals women not just put a bandaid on to cover the problem.

She wanted a period brand that embraced femininity, not tried to get rid of it.

She wanted clean organic products.

She wanted to make an impact with her period every month. Hey we should bleed for something right? 😂

When she couldn't find anything that encompassed all of this, she created Garnuu.

Garnuu is...

  • Changing the cycle of human trafficking

    Each subscription will support feminine hygiene training and female entrepreneurship to Nepali women and girls who are vulnerable to trafficking.

  • Changing your period experience

    You may look forward to your period, you may not--but when you have a Garnuu period, you know it won't cramp your style. 😉

  • Committing to clean period products

    You deserve better from your period care. And we're here for it 🙋‍♀️. Our products are made from 100% organic cotton core.