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Organic Pads

Organic Pads

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Panty Liners & Day Pads will be delivered mid August 2024.


šŸ“Made with 100%Ā GOTS CertifiedĀ andĀ OCS CertifiedĀ Cotton

šŸ“No Chlorine Bleach, No Dyes, No Fragrance

šŸ“Made WITHOUT viscose and super-absorbentsĀ 

šŸ“Made with wingsĀ šŸŖ½ (Regular pads & Night pads)

Other ingredients outside of pad that DOES NOT touch your body:

Backsheet: biopolymer (polylactic acid & biodegradable polyester)

Individual wrapper: (polylactic acid & biodegradable polyester)

Silicone paper: hot melt adhesive, adhesive polypropylene sticker

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  • Garnuu Organic Pads

    Personalize your period!

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Pads FAQ's

How to use a pad

Simply open the pad wrapper, take off the silicone paper adhesive and place the pad on the gusset of your underwear. Peal adhesive off wings and wrap underneath your underwear.

What size pad should I use?

It's all about your flow! Use the liners with a tampon or on lighter days. Use the regular pads during the day and the nights overnight!

Can you flush pads?

NOOOOOOOO! Do not flush your menstrual pad. This will surely clog up your toilet causing plumbing issues and/or an embarrassing moment for you in a public restroom.

How many hours can I wear a pad?

Try changing your pad every 6 hours depending on your flow.

Can I sleep with a pad on?

Yes! Try our overnight pads for best protection!

Your Period. Her Freedom.

With Garnuu, your period supports
women all over the world who are
vulnerable to sex trafficking.

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